#BlackLivesMatter — the movement, not just the hashtag — is the most significant broad-based human rights coalition for black Americans since Civil Rights and Black Power movements.

This poster is a little twist on Saul Bass's title sequence of 'Anatomy of a Murder' 

The struggle today could not be fought in its current iterations without the contributions of artist Emory Douglas and others who illuminated hidden ugly racial truths in compelling and beautifully executed images.
Douglas used the phrases like 'revolution in our lifetime' or 'seize the time'. The immediacy of those phrases in relation to the politics in the image is something that really resonates: What needs to happen, has to happen -- now, not later, not on someone else's clock, but now.

The Black Lives Matter upheaval has motivated me to research and educate myself on this subject in the world of design. Let us all educate ourselves in any form, to honor their stories and support their fight.
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